The Trio of Tunes

Little Love Song: Bossa Influenced, Smooth, Romantic.

A note from the Lyricist… “The flirty imp in me wrote this lyric. Halfway between Mae West and Winnie the Pooh’s Little Black Rain Cloud – okay, closer to Mae West – this song’s point of view emerged. Soft kitty, sweet kitty, but kitty has a plan.”

A note from the Composer… “This piece is all about warmth. The instrumental palette features nylon guitar, upright bass, and literal HAND percussion to enhance the vibe. A sexy-silky vocal delivery is the cherry on top.”


Too Close to the Angels: Upbeat Indie Rock, Rich Harmony, Bright.

A Note from the Lyricist… “Amy Winehouse’s story was the motivation for this lyric. A hugely talented soul, tightly connected with the Muse, and also with her demons.”

A Note from the Composer… “Soaring vocal harmonies over a rhythmically fun band section. A variety of electric & acoustic guitars provide harmonic flavor while a snappy drum kit pushes the momentum of this piece.”


Goodbye Blue: Groovy Indie Folk, Organic, Content/Satiated.

A Note from the Lyricist… “This lyric is about saying goodbye to sadness as a way of being, and to those we let keep us there. It’s also about the trek between the beginning and end of goodbye, and the freedom felt at the change.”

A Note from the Composer… “A slow swinging 6/8 with all sorts of raw guitar sounds. On top of it all shines an intimate vocal performance where you can hear a bit of the smirk on her face.”


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